Nutriva Kids Almond Milk+ Lactose Free Nutritional Drink whole Real Almonds and Canadian Pea Protein

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Nutriva Kids AlmondMilk+ is made using whole Almonds and Pea Protein it comes with 5.6g of Protein Per Serving which is equivalent of serving 2 chapati's to your child (you know how big that job is).

But unless as Chapati Nutriva is delicious made with real chocolate and almonds. Kids love the taste.

Our Promise

  1. No Preservatives 
  2. No Artificial Colors
  3. No Artificial Flavors 

Why Does Nutriva Products stay's for long time.

Just like a plain old method of preserving milk is to boil the milk, we use the same process but for only 3 seconds to maximize the nutrients and then we aseptically (in without letting any bacteria in) pack it in a multi layer packaging which preserves the product without any preservatives or artificial additives. 


Ingredients: AlmondMilk+ (Purified Water, Almonds, Yellow Pea Protein), Cane Sugar, Dutch Cocoa, High OLEIC Sunflower Oil, Salt, Sunflower Lecithin, Vitamins and Minerals, Natural Flavour's  

Contains Permitted Stabilizer to prevent chocolate separation (Locust Bean Gum (Natural Gum), Gellan Gum (Natural)) and Acidity Regulator (Di Potassium Phosphate 340ii)