Why Plant Based Milks are getting Popular


The milk of cows and buffaloes is the major intake by the Indian population. But, did you know that milk could be extracted even from the plants? Plant based milk does not contain any dairy at all, hence, is highly beneficial for our health. It contains no animal product and can be consumed by anyone and everyone. Nutriva, the Vadodara based company, is the one such company in India which exploited the extracted milk from plants sources.

Milk can be extracted from almonds, cashew, coconut, hemp, soy, rice and many other sources. The plant based milk is the healthiest, and is said to be better than the cow's milk. It is nutrient rich and contains very few calories. The presence of mono saturated fats helps control the cholesterol levels in the body and, thereby, prevents heart diseases. Unlike the cow's milk, plant based milk can be consumed by lactose intolerant individuals as well. Most of the people suffer from a trouble in digestion after drinking milk. but, the milk extracted from the plants does not contain lactose and, therefore, prevents gas and bloating.

Highly rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins, plant based milk helps in strengthening the bones. 90% of the Indian population lacks Vitamin D. The plant based milk fulfills the requirement. The omega-3 and omega-6 present in the milk enhances the brain development and growth of children. The beta carotene present in the plant based milk gets converted into Vitamin A in the human body which helps in developing better immunity in the children during their growth years. It is also good for proper vision and healthy skin. It can also be consumed by people on low carb diet and the one's who need to keep a check on their blood sugar levels. The soy milk is known to reduce the risk of cancer, especially breast cancers, to a great deal.

Moreover, the plant based milk is free from antibiotics and pus, unlike cow's milk, and is, therefore, a healthy nutrient source. Therefore, the plant based milk and it's products are way beneficial to our body when compared to cow's milk and being extracted naturally, it fulfills all the natural requirements of our body. 


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