5 reasons you should celebrate Dairy Free Janmashtami ?

Janmashtami is the birth of Lord Krishna who during his childhood was a Gopal (ie cowherd). Krishna's family used to have cows and so as all their neighbours in a village called Nandgaon in Uttar Pradesh of India.

Now you would think if Krishna was a cowherd, his village was known for producing highest quality butter then why one should avoid Dairy to be Krishna Conscious? To answer this question lets look at following reasons.

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5 Reasons you should avoid Dairy on Janmashtmi

  1. Krishna would not eat Butter unless he knows Calf has been fed first 

Krishna found one woman is Nandgaon not allowing the calf to drink enough Milk and converting most to the butter. Usually Krishna and his friends would go everyday to steal the butter from homes however on that day when his friends came to Krishna for the usual routine he refused to take butter, he explained this situation to his friends and their mission of the day was to teach that women a lesson so so they did.

What happens in Dairy Industry today ?

Calf's are not allowed to stay with their mothers, they are tied separately. Some are fed by bottle / pipe so they do not develop a bond with their mothers. Male calf's are useless to Dairy Industry and hence are starved to death. 

There is also a book on Amazon "Utilization of Soymilk as Milk Replacer for Raising Calves"  For Dairy Framers Milk given to calf is wasted milk  and they do everything to make more more profit (like adulteration). 

Further, the first milk which comes out of cow after delivery has a lot of colostrum and provides key nutrients for the fragile baby calf which just came in this world, however that is also sold for humans to consume, I also know some big companies selling Cow Colostrum Powder as a way to improve immunity based on totally false claims.

2. Krishna was the protector of cows, not abuser

Krishna Saving Cows from Fire

Krishna used to go out with cows and calf's everyday, His melodious flute would attract every living thing including plants. Bees would dance, Squirrels would jump out of joy and cows would feel they are in air.
Once the cows were stuck in a wild fire and started crying, Krishna entered the forest and swallowed all the fire while saving each and every cow.
In another instance water of river Yamuna was poisoned by serpent Kalia anyone one who would drink water of Yamuna would die, Krishna went straight into poisonous river and brought Kalia to his knees and asked him to leave Yamuna. 
What happens in Dairy Industry today ?
India is the largest exporter of Beef in the world, and all the cows slaughtered in India are dairy cows who have stopped producing Milk. 
I remember I went to take FSSAI license in 2013 for Go Vegan foods in Mumbai with Samir Pasad from Vegan Bytes and there came another guy who was taking license for his 25000 crore buffalo meat export business. 

3. Krishna rejected to send milk outside of his village.

Once Krishna stopped a bullock cart transporting Butter to Mathura, he said Calf's have the first right to Milk and then the Kids in Nandgaon only when these two are fed properly we may export out of this village. 

What happens in Dairy Industry today ?

Milk has become commodity and is sold outside to various places, there is a Milk train from Gujarat to Delhi which takes Milk in Large Volumes, Milk is also converted to Powder and exported to other countries. All this is happening without feeding enough or any-milk to calf's and kids of the same village. According to reports 48% of children in India are undernourished.

4. Krishna gave up Dairy after growing up.

Krishna said "If one offers me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it." Though Krishna being a cowherd, he did not ask for Butter why ? Because he didn't need it after growing up

5. Janmashtami Discount Coupon 

To help you switch to Dairy Free Milks this Janmashtmi we have a special coupon for you. Use Janmashtmi2018 coupoun code to get 10% off on your order.  

The conclusion of Krishna's Bhagvat Geeta is "Parivartan Hi Sansaar Ka Niyam Hai" ie Progress is the Universal Law. Today Indian Dairy Industry is the cruelest of all, secondly 4 in 5 Indian's are lactose intolerant (ie cannot digest milk) and finally according to FSSAI 68% of Milk in India is adulterated. There are so many healthy options available now like AlmondMilk and Peanut Buttermilk which provide us the same taste minus all drawbacks so let's Welcome the Change and go Dairy Free starting this Janmasthmi 

Hare Krishna


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